Our Profile

Today's world is evolving rapidly, and to be part of the change, we need to equip ourselves with the right knowledge and skills, to enable us to move into the world with confidence, which has brought about a social change in the lives of the individuals and community in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka. What started off as a small scale educational institution, by our founder Dr.V.Amalraj, has now grown over the years to strongly establish as a tertiary education center in Jaffna, fulfilling a need in the earlier conflict zone.

We are indeed happy as we are able to cater to the needs of the students in the area, who have actually limited access to tertiary education, by providing an educational background to meet international standards. At present, it is highly competitive to enroll into the state sponsored universities in Sri Lanka, leaving only a selected lucky few to have a degree from a State university. Therefore, we help to bridge the gap by helping our students to enroll into the professional arena of higher education under the appropriate guidance of our expert panel of lecturers.

We strive for excellence and integrity, assisting our students to excel in their educational interests, while building their prospective career path to suit the present and future job market.

Our objective is to make a well versed individual who is academically, professionally and technologically sound having the ability to win the competitive job market easily, through our guidance and work placement program.

We offer flexible educational programs and course options to make it easy for you to create a schedule to fit your needs. Whether you want to be part of a full-time program or a weekend course, we have suitable study options in store.

Our facilities equal the international standards and we have always been a trusted name in the field of education. The teaching style is geared with the use of modern technology to create a student oriented and friendly atmosphere.

We help our students to realize their dream of tertiary education although they have failed in entering state funded universities. Our Certificate, Diploma, Higher National Diploma, degree/ Top Up & Masters degree programs empower you better to suit the job market.

Our Vision

'To make our institute the leader in Tertiary Education in Sri Lanka in line with International standards'

We strive for excellence and that is our benchmark. We strive to be the best and aim for better, to be the leading tertiary education center in the country. We, as an organization emphasize in high quality, professionalism and stringent standards to meet the global requirements, by being an example to the others in the industry. We mold our students for their future jobs.

Our Mission

'To inspire and motivate young minds to take the global platform in their chosen career pathways’

Our team strongly believes that education and training can make a difference to create a sustainable and more equitable society. Thus, we sow the seeds for a dynamic learning environment to suit the needs of the job market, empowering the youth of the area to reach global heights in their chosen careers. We prepare leaders with qualifications and skills to suit the present and future job market with a sound academic, technological and professional background.

Our Team

Our expert panel of faculty is our biggest strength, they have won the trust and respect in the field of academic. Their experience and knowledge would help to mold the future of young lives through future-driven course material to suit the current and future job market.

Our Governor Board Members

The Management of the institute too have played a pivotal role in transforming this institute to one with international standards. The managing body comprises of the Chairman , Directors and a Senior Manager who work together to uplift the institute.

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