Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


Up lifting the education standard of our student equal to the international standard in Srilanka


Offering a future job relevant Programmes provided to the students in a practical & market relevant way of modern techniques with Dynamic Learning Environment That suites Students With The Personality, Knowledge And Skills To Succeed In Their Chosen Careers.

Description of service

Widened participation and equitable access to higher education in Srilanka Be a part of Strengthened research, innovation and entrepreneurship Increased international cooperation and competitiveness in education service Provide students with high quality educational programs by offering effective instruction in a student-centered learning environment.

Attract and retain a qualified and highly productive faculty. Offer market-responsive educational, cultural, and economic development programs that contribute to the academic core of the Country Develop new undergraduate and graduate academic programs consistent with the mission and goals which enhance the value of the country to provide the need of the nation Increase and sustain the quality of faculty development opportunities in support of high quality academic programs and research Focus resources on sustainable programs and redesign programs that are not sustainable to meet the demands of tomorrow’s workforce.

Develop continuing education programs at all levels, including academic offerings, personal enrichment and professional licensing courses.

Northern province of srilanka is a war effected are region due to three decades of internal conflict. It created bad damages to the nation. It is a duty of a citizen to re-establish this beautiful country with a good vision. We started a small scale primary and secondary education to this region for last 10 years. We faced a backflow and defect in the tertioary education in the island.

It is very much disappointed that the government can only provide territory education only 10 % of school levers. 90 % of the students are facing huge deficlties to choose their carrer path. Now We also a part of providing tertiory education in Srilanka with above objective to provide good tertiory education relevant to international student.

We are not limited to Just to provide education but We also guide the students to get high profile job in the market.

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