BLC Campus Board of Governors (13th) meeting to discuss on future developments

2021-02-08 04:20:00

13th Board of Governors meeting was held on the 24th of January 2021 at Taj Hotel, Colombo. The meeting was chaired by Dr. V. Amalraj - Chairman of BLC Campus with the participation of other members Prof. Rohan Rajapakse, Dr. Kumara Hirumburegama (both members of the governing board) , Mr. A.M.Riyas (Director, Business Development)and Mr.Vishadaran (Business Development Manager)The discussions were primarily based on combating post covid challenges and uplifting the standards of BLC to meet International requirements.">

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A Special Meeting with Dr. Kumara Hirimburegama and Prof. Kshanika Hiriburegama

2021-02-08 04:20:35

A special meeting was held on Friday the 24th of December 2020 with Dr. Kumara Hirimburegama former Vice Chancellor of the University of Colombo and a member of the BLC governing board along with Former Vice Chancellor Prof. Kshanika Hiriburegama who was also the (Former UGC Chairperson, and former Chairperson at the Ministry of Science and Technology and newly appointed Ambassador to France). Chairman Dr. Amalraj Vimalakumaran along with Director - Business Development Mr. A.M.Riyas and Business Development manager Mr. S.Visaaradhan participated in the meeting discussing new developments and intake plans for the new year 2021. Highlight of the meeting was emphasizing great importance to initiate affiliations with some of the European Universities. The three hour discussion was also focussed on Quality Control and bringing in changes to the Academic calendar owing to Covid developments. Apart from the key areas of the discussion following challenges were added as tasks for 2021; - Commencing more demanding and employable career programs - Training 1000 IT graduates from the Northern Region - Strengthening the academic panel with high quality lecturers with a proven record.">">">

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Agreement Signed with SriLanka Foundation Institute as the Approved Learning Centre in Jaffna District

2021-03-28 23:57:53

BLC Campus entered into a historical agreement with Sri Lanka Foundation Institute to operate as a learning Centre in Jaffna. The signing of the papers took place on the 23.03.2021 at SLFI office based at Independence Square, Colombo. With this new development and the collaboration with SLFI we will be able to offer Higher National Diploma (HND) programs in Education, Business Administration, IT, Science, Civil/Mechanical Engineering and Biotechnology programs equivalent to SLQF (Level 4) programs offered by SLFI.

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